PURE Radio is a Christian media organization based in Louisville, Kentucky. Formed in 2018 and launched in July 2019, PURE Radio is a full service media company designed to serve the Christian communities and reach the seekers
in the markets that we operate.

At PURE Radio we recognize how permeating media has become in our American culture. We also realize that almost all of the media content and messaging in our culture is GOD DENYING.

PURE Radio exists to bring GOD AFFIRMING media to the markets that we serve. We do this by bringing our listeners content that teaches the true Gospel through doctrinally sound Bible teachers, preachers, and content.

Proclaim! – is our bi-weekly paper and digital publication that keeps the Christian Community in our markets up to date with faith-based stories and news! Proclaim features inspiring columns to help folks in their daily Christian walk, introduces readers and listeners to local churches and ministries, & provides information on Christian events in each of our markets!

2023 PURE Business Directory – is our annual publication that connects Christian consumers with Christian businesses in our market regions! This full color directory has a yearlong shelf life and is distributed in Proclaim! from PURE Radio magazine racks all over our markets that we serve!

Want to know more about PURE Radio? Email us at info@pureradio.org.

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